UK Cabinet Office - Internal communications Mailchimp Campaign

As an offshoot of some technical infrastructure work for the UK Government undertaken by LEO Learning, the Cabinet Office needed a new way of emailing 450,000 Civil Servants every week. Since August 2014, I've been working directly with a Senior Communications Officer at the Cabinet Office to get their messages out using Mailchimp. 

This job is half Mailchimp use - building emails, segmenting lists, generating reports, analysing data - and half consultative, as the Cabinet Office aren't always sure of what they want or are trying to achieve. As a marketer with a good understanding of Mailchimp, it's my job to listen in to what they want to do and work (within the confines of Mailchimp) to make it happen.

I've worked to gain and maintain a great relationship with the Cabinet Office that helps me manage my workload accordingly but also gives them time to get the approval needed to send emails at this scale. This project has brought on my communication, time and client management skills massively. Learning when to ask why and when to say yes and (more importantly) no has not only helped them improve their mailings (A/B testing, efficient list segmentation, understanding Mailchimp's capabilities) but has stopped them from asking too much and calling me at all hours of the day, which was very common at the start of this project.

This is an ongoing and forever changing project as the work I have done for them opens up possibilities the Cabinet Office had not previously thought about. The Cabinet Office are now using these emails as a means of securing event signs ups and see much more importance in these kind of internal comms than previous, when it was a weekly email for weekly emails sake.