gomo learning - trial workflow 2.0

gomo learning is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool, which means that marketing activity is 50% lead generation and 50% nurturing those leads onto and through a trial. I project managed the creation and implementation of a new trial workflow, as the original wasn't really having the impact it should. A good trial workflow isn't intrusive, gives users everything they need to get the most from the tool and gently keeps them in conversation with the tool.

The project

  1. liaising with senior gomo staff to gather requirements 
  2. analysing the existing workflow to work out which touch points were and weren't working
  3. Proposing new, refreshed trial with 6 touch points over the 21 day trial (and one to follow when trial projects are to be deleted)
  4. Crafting the content for 7 trial emails
  5. Creating a loose template and working with graphics to provide a thorough brief
  6. Providing a developer with the completed graphics to add some custom functionality outside of what our tool (Hubspot) was capable of.
  7. Implementing the new workflow.

The result

  1. Culturally, the workflow has helped the sales and marketing team work together. Now that the foundations are provided, we are now both working to add in 'how to' guides, analyse the effectiveness of each email and respond to user emails, when previously the trial workflow was a little bit forgotten about.
  2. A consistent 50% open rate of 'welcome' email + 15% clickthrough from email to tool (previously, I had found that there was no way of getting from the welcome email to the trial, which seemed a bit silly)
  3. The soft approach of 'simply reply to this email with any questions' throughout has given the team loads of great feedback and the opportunity for them to converse with trialists without cold calling.
  4. Increased trial conversion rate from 0.2% - 2.93% after three months.