LTG - Keyword research and implementation

I'm not entirely sure why, but SEO has never really been high priority for any of the LTG companies. I think that comes from a bad and expensive experience with an agency years ago, but it always struck me as a real weakness and area that held masses of potential in such a niche industry.

I took it upon myself to take on all SEO 'stuff' in a bid to try and improve things across each company. I had no experience with SEO or keyword research, so there was a lot of swatting up and learning on the job, but it's been great for my progression and understanding but also for my position within the team - I now bring another specialism to the table to use across projects to improve the overall performance of the team. 

What I'm working on

  • A redesigned gomo learning feature tour, based on keywords and split over 6 pages and not just one
  • A new LEO website structure based on favourable keywords
  • A more informed content strategy for gomo + LEO

I don't have any real results yet, but I'm confident things are moving in the right direction. It's definitely more of a cultural victory than anything else. Each website has pretty bad search visibility at the moment, but I'm looking forward to the day when each business will see real benefit from the foundations I'm currently laying.