LEO - solving the leadership crisis campaign

Working with the Sales Director and Strategy team of LEO Learning, I was tasked with creating all content and securing webinar sign ups for a campaign promoting a business proposition around leadership. It was a little bit of a challenging campaign because there was very little budget available for webinar promotion as the campaign was set to end with a breakfast round table for HR Directors at a fancy place in London. I used the following methods to secure sign ups...

  • Email to current database
  • Paid tweets
  • Social Media
  • Homepage banner
  • Content marketing


The promotion was successful, securing a 101 sign ups in 3 weeks, filling our potential GoToWebinar seats, with 55% attending the webinar.


Webinar attendee rates are pretty difficult to guarantee, so I was keen to engage with sign ups on the run up to the webinar. The pieces of content shown above not only acted to drive new people onto the webinar but were drip fed to attendees as the weeks went by.

I'm currently working with the Sales Team and a content specialist on a White Paper, which will be a disruptive piece of industry commentary aimed at Director level. The plan is to hand this over to the sales team who will work their magic in order to secure senior sign ups to the breakfast round table, which is taking place in October 2015.

It's a little too early to tell the ROI of the overall campaign, although I am confident that the work done to generate initial leads and interest in the proposition puts the sales team in a great position to carry this forward.