gomo learning - day to day marketing and management

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Aside from some of the more campaign-led stuff I do at LTG, I am responsible for all aspects of gomo learning's marketing. This brings a few things together...

Content marketing, SEO and keyword research, Wordpress maintenance, webinar promotion, Hubspot + Salesforce management, creating event materials, award submissions, social media and anything else that might need doing!

I bring in around 100 leads a month through content marketing, webinar promotion and social media and I'm always looking out for new avenues for to explore. I run the gomo learning blog, which is pitched at e-learning designers, teams and managers, with the aim of increasing webinar and trial sign ups through offering valuable content. Thorough keyword research has allowed me to target a load of nice and favourable keywords, with the long term aim improving and increasing search visibility and leads from organic traffic.