Yeezy season approaching


With Kanye's sixth studio album Yeezus spreading it's wings for almost a full week now, I think I've finally got my head round it enough to make sense of where this album lies. Contemporary, abrasive and mechanical, Yeezus drops in an out of genres such as Acid House and Dancehall, whilst seamlessly avoiding rap LP cliche's and tackling heavy themes such as social injustice, racism and religion.

The producers who have worked on the record stand out more than the features, who come in the form of  Daft Punk and Hudson Mowhawke to name drop a couple. Whether an album is liked or loathed, if it can't summed up by sounding like X or doing that ... thing, then it's certainly a musical victory for the person behind it.

My opinion doesn't warrant enough to deconstruct each track like some pop magazine, but this album definitely carries weight and relevance. From promotional screenings across the globe during the weeks prior to Yeezus to high profile listening parties over the last week, Kanye cannot avoid attracting media attention.

Just because you can't put your finger on something doesn't make it great, just because you don't understand something doesn't mean you shouldn't like it.