Winter fitness gear

Cold weather has a lot to answer for. Not only does it turn your wardrobe on its head but it even eats into your choice of running and fitness gear. Just getting to the gym without feeling the chill can be difficult, and the last thing we want is to see fitness take a nosedive because of the weather, which is exactly why winter fitness get-up is essential. With that in mind, and for a bit of a change from the usual here on Overdiluted, we’re taking a look at some essentials for winter fitness to keep you right whatever might be falling from the sky.

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Pursue Iconic Reflective-Run Leggings

Compression leggings are an absolute winter fitness essential, and these from Pursue use a reflective safety element to add a little pattern to the mix without looking garish, as a lot of leggings often do. Whether worn alone or paired with shorts, these leggings will help to keep you warm, dry and performing at your best. Pick 'em up here.



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Nike Element Shield Max Jacket

One for those cold, winter runs, the Shield Max blends breathability, durability and all-important weather protection. To strike the balance between performance and comfort, the lower back isn’t waterproof to provide a little ventilation. With elasticated thumb holes, an internal neck gaiter and an adjustable helmet hood, there’s a chance you’ve seen tents less suited to the rain than this jacket. Buy it.

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K-Way Jacques Jacket

Just like the K-Way you might have paired with shorts during the summer, this warmer take on the classic Jacques still packs down to nothing and will do its darndest to keep you dry in typical K-Way fashion. Of course, the gym shouldn’t ever be about your outfit, but a K-Way is a way of buying something fit for fitness and practicality that'll definitel find function elsewhere throughout the year. Grab it here.




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Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit

The Nike Freerun sole gives you one of the most comfortable all-around fitness shoes going while the Flyknit upper provides maximum breathability and a super light, sock-like fit. Not only do these look the part but they stand up technically, too.
Drop your pocket money here.

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K-Way Yves Bag

Moving outside of what you might know the brand for, K-Way’s range of casual and durable luggage is new this season and a cool way of getting you and your everyday bits - gym gear included - from A to B. Applying the same kind of stripped back and functional logic to luggage as the brand does with weatherproof jackets, the K-Way Yves bag is a gym winner and ideal for weekends away, too. Treat yourself