Weekly tracks #1

 Soundcloud is fast becoming my favourite way of listening to music on the go. I can search through stuff on the bus, in the gym or wherever, find some interesting stuff and like it. When I get home I can then access my Soundcloud through the Sonos system in my flat, playing all my likes again and making sure I don't forget about them. This means I've always got cool, new stuff to listen too and helps me remember the tracks and artists I come across too.

4 songs will be a weekly feature on this blog, flowing the many genres that interest me, hopefully giving people some new tracks to play and helping me quickly check in with the blog even when I'm short of time. Using the Soundcloud widget was a conscious choice because you guys can quickly and easily access the artists profile and music direct from each post, plus it means I can add cool stuff without getting told off by artists/ soundcloud/ the big dogs in charge.

I could write loads about all four tracks, but I've been banging Esta since I started listening to Soulection about a year ago and Rome Fortune since the Beautiful Pimp II mixtape came out earlier in the year. The Sentiment remix is one I just found searching the internet, as the original track is a stand out favourite off of Caribou's latest album Our Love. The other is a track by Roy Wood$, an 18 year-old Canadian kid who dropped a couple of debut tracks on Soundcloud a few weeks back. I heard this one on the Lily Mercer Show a few weeks back and I feel it showcases Wood$' talents the best to date, singing and rapping with real ease. This one is for those late nights after the club - I have a feeling there will be quite a few comparisons to fellow Torontonian's post turn-up experts Partynextdoor and The Weeknd if more tracks emerge in this vein, but each of his tracks on his Soundcloud right now are all kinda different, so we'll have to see how that goes.

Be sure to check back to Overdiluted next week, or follow me on Twitter to find out when I'm writing about new music.