Varsity Hats


In a similar way that many other new menswear brands have in recent years, Varsity Hats are honing into a single product with a view of creating perfection. The ideology of doing one thing well as opposed to starting up another all round menswear brand is interesting and something I'm quite fond of. It brings brands like Form & Thread and Good Measure, who specialise in socks and sweat/t-shirts respectively.

In the case of Varsity, the focus is hats. While still a relatively new operation, it's clear that the duo of Norwegian brothers behind the scenes at Varsity have put in the hours - probably months and years - into moving the humble baseball cap into an item that can be truly revered.


The cap is something that has forever existed in popular culture as an item of cool but is often overlooked in terms of design. Varsity are using super nice materials like Cashmere and Wool to produce brand-less, tonal caps with the design and fitting attention they deserve. On top of material and tone options, the Varsity website takes you through sizing and style options, helping to ensure Varsity caps look the part and fit just right - something that can be difficult when buying online. 

With glossy photography reminiscent of luxury brands like Dior and Tom Ford, it appears Varsity are set on holding up hats to their highest regard, dressing them up as opposed to down for a change, something helped along by the use of high quality materials, premium construction and sartorial-based colourings.

For those reading from outside of Norway, Varsity hats equate to around £60 or $85. You can check out the full Varsity range here and keep up with their movements on Instagram.