Take a trip to Cuba with Universal Works for SS17

Universal works SS17

Influenced by the iconic photography of Burt Glinn during early 1959 and the Cuban Revolution, there’s a cool mix of military with the kind of relaxed and baggy style that Universal Works are known for. In particular, oversized trousers work well with unstructured blazers in a way I’ve not seen much of before, kind of like a mixing the chaos of an army surplus store with the honest functionality of mid-century workwear. The sand and olive colours which run throughout nod further to a military influence, which is topped off by the four pocket detail of the shirting on offer. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Universal Works collection without a load of standout workwear pieces, and SS17 is set to be no different. Expect (another) lesson in classic chore jackets and relaxed suiting that’s just as ready for a trip to the pub as it is a wedding.

We might only just be getting into the swing of our Spring Summer ‘16 wardrobes, but with London Collections: Men (that’s LCM to you and me) just out of sight, the world’s latest and greatest menswear brands are more than one step ahead, having already presented their grand plans for Spring Summer ‘17.

While it’s important not to get too caught up in what’s happening on the runway, it is interesting to consider where things will be moving over the next 12 months. Leaving the more conceptual side of menswear to one side, Nottingham’s Universal Works aren’t a brand to adhere to fleeting seasonal style. Instead, the brand’s unique aesthetic is as much about contemporary wear as it is tradition, resulting in a much-loved brand that’s as functional and wearable as it is recognisable.

Universal works SS17

Below, we’ve picked out some of our favourite looks from the collection. Spend some time peering into the future and see what Nottingham’s finest have up their sleeve for Spring Summer ‘17. And of course, be sure to keep up with the latest from Overdiluted by following us on Instagram.