Uniformes Generale SS15

Whether you're bothered about what you wear or not, buying clothes for the warmer months in the UK can be a bit of a nightmare. You'll be looking around online in February all Club Tropicana, but the reality is that sweating it out in your winter jacket because your girlfriend thought it might rain or braving a March BBQ in your budgie smugglers isn't much fun.

The point is that it takes a real understanding of fickle British weather in order to make clothes for it, something that Uniformes Generale have got spot on with their first ever Spring/ Summer collection.

Loopback sweatersbright, simple tees and a great selection of jackets for when it inevitably rains as you arrive in [insert seaside town here], Uniformes Generale have got all bases covered. The stand out for me though is the UG take on the M-65 Field Jacket, which hammers home the obvious love these guys have for outerwear. 

When you boil it all down you've got a heart-on-sleeve passion for menswear, real appreciation for great quality and timeless design, all brought together without the prices get silly. This is stuff you'll be wearing all summer and next, and probably the one after that, too.

Spend your pocket money on UG SS15 here.