Uniformes Generale - Hikerdelia Collection

Hikerdelia. Hiking and Psychedelia. In reality that's probably a terrible combination, but in the case of Uniformes Generale's new collection, it kind of makes sense. Not only because it (again) shows that UG aren't afraid of having a bit of fun (check their Instagram captions if you want to know what I'm on about), but also because you've got two really fitting themes that don't sound aloof and relate directly to the clothes themselves.

The hiker side of things immediately brings Uniformes Generale's love (and talent) for great outerwear to mind, filling me with anticipation as to what exactly they've got up their down-filled sleeves for AW15. There will be five styles of jacket released over the season, with promises the releases will be getting more serious as the months wear on. Psychedelia sounds equally exciting as it adds the thought of interesting colour ways, vibrant tones, signature slogans and the general idea that things will be a little bit different.

While outerwear has been one of Uniformes Generale's defining features over the past 18 or so months, they certainly aren't a one trick pony. AW15 sees the same attention to design, construction and fabric decisions applied to UG's shirts, which is pretty exciting. Expect to see a nice selection of loopback sweats, too, if last season is anything to go by. And best of all, expect to see all of this at a price that won't have you saving up too many pennies and missing out on that psychedelic hiking trip you've got planned.


I admire Uniformes Generale's artistic direction this season, they've done some great stuff with their last two but this time round there's real personality shining through. Doing things right – doing them very well infact – and still finding a way of not taking things too seriously is what I really like about these guys.

Head to Uniformes Generale dot com for further details of the collection, follow them on Twitter or even sign up to the Overdiluted mailing list for more of the same - I'm sure we'll be bringing you a little more on this collection as it's released over the next few months.