TOKYO DRIFT - Yung Lean, Bladee + more

Sweden and Tokyo come together for Tokyo Drift, a new track and video by Yung Lean. Tokyo Drift takes the Sad Boy's Eastern influence far beyond imagery and references, recruiting the help of Japan's MonyHorse, PETZ and Junkman for verses, which is cool to see.

Probably Yung Lean's hardest track to date, great production from Chaki Zulu pushes some great, straight up verses. It's not a ground-breaking track, but it's a certainly a banger and the video is fun, so what more do you want?

Following J $tash's involvement with KOHH and Young Sachi earlier this year and Keith Ape taking on OG Maco's U Guessed It in the form of It G Ma, there's certainly more eyes on, or even a growing interest, in Eastern rap culture from the West, something illustrated further with Tokyo Drift. This kind of thing suits Yung Lean perfectly. It would be great to see him flying the flag for Japan and beyond, pushing more producers (and with it, artists) onto the global stage.

The lo-fi approach and expansive sound Eastern hip-hop producers take may open up a lot of creative avenues for US and UK artists, if the interest in Japan and beyond continues to grow.