Umbro Pro Training x The Rig Out editorial

Armed with the sort of get up that your dad used to wear for 5-a-side back in the day, The Rig Out present a range for Umbro Pro Training, taking to the sunny shores of LA for a nostalgia-filled lookbook.

Re-imagining the sort of jazzy technical wear that the 1990 and 1994 World Cups are remembered so well for, Umbro Pro Training is a range of gear that I can’t get enough of. We’ve all searched Ebay for England's classic Italia 90 shirt and everyone went mad for the Palace x Adidas football tops this year and last, so it’s fantastic to see Umbro giving us another chance to get hold some classic gear reworked for 2015.

Holidays in europe, 6 weeks off school, Oasis B-sides - The Rig Out have reminded me of the summers of yesteryear, doing a great job, as per, of fully showing off a collection nice and naturally.

The range is coming soon to Size? and other Umbro retailers. The above images are taken from The Rig Out’s site, where you can find a few more snaps of the collection.