The future of Overdiluted

Overdiluted flatlay

I'm quite excited to say that Overdiluted is changing. After covering collections, interviewing artists and bringing my thoughts on menswear to the world for nearly three years, it's time to switch things up.

Overdiluted was never supposed to be about me, because I never wanted it to be, but by taking myself out of the equation and writing behind the website fairly anonymously, I've been missing out on the stuff that I learnt recently really excites me.

Instead of writing about collections a couple of times a week, we'll be styling collections and bringing menswear inspiration to the fore wherever possible. It means that while the content may come slightly less frequently, it will be much more interesting, useful and engaging. This all started with a piece for Hawes and Curtis in the Summer, which I followed up recently with some styling input from my own wardrobe, and we'll be following up with plenty more of the same sorts of stuff soon.

overdiluted cape heights

This isn't about going full narcicist and telling you all about what I had for my breakfast all the time; it's still very much about the clothes, the music and the culture that surrounds these two things, but hopefully with a little bit more personality, personal photography and fun.

Alongside this, I'm making a tonne of changes to the site, creating new sections, adjusting the layout... it's always nice to have a bit of a web Spring clean in the new year. I'm also shutting the Overdiluted instagram, because it just doesn't look that interesting, and moving everything across to my personal account. It's a shame to loose the 800 followers on that account, but what's in store for @jakestory_ on Instagram is much more interesting, and it will act as a kind of micro blog itself, so be sure to follow me if you aren't yet.

I might be two weeks late on the resolution thing, but I'm excited to see what we can do with a refocused, re-energised Overdiluted in 2017.