Syndicate Original Autumn Winter '16


Syndicate Original remembers its country’s former USSR roots for Autumn Winter ‘16 collection #Outsider. Fusing Soviet sensibilities with playful graphics and regular displays of colour, the Ukrainian Streetwear label ties concept and practicality together for a lookbook of relaxed menswear.

Ukraine isn’t exactly the first brand that springs to mind when you think about European fashion. This doesn’t stop the brand doing interesting things season in, season out, treading a path of their own. Its geographical location makes for interesting pools of influence, bordering Europe to the West; the Black Sea and Turkey to the South; and of course Russia to the North and East, Ukraine is surrounded  an interesting blend of culture.

Syndicate are comfortable pulling on this range of influence, far more so than you'd expect to see from brands in other parts of Europe. I can't speak for the strength of the Ukrainian menswear or streetwear scene, but I wouldn't be surprised if the laidback approach of Syndicate puts them somewhere near the top.

Take the collection’s flannels, brightly embroidered tees and cropped/ worn denim. This brings a real late 80’s American vibe to the fore, while the heavy sweatsuits and Cyrillic type bring a stylized Eastern reminder to the collection. The rise of Gosha has seen a lot of Eastern influence creeping into menswear, but with Ukrainian roots, Syndicate’s references are authentic. They pull influence from a variety of places, but their home still shines through, and wearability quite rightly comes above all. 


Regularly dipping into a range of styles across the rather broad realms of sportswear and streetwear, Syndicate’s honest approach represents the true smorgasbord of menswear in the digital age, with nostalgia and innovation working in an unlikely harmony. 

90s Jeans_1-420x530.jpg
Lazy Canvas Pants_1-420x530.jpg
Lazy Corduroy Pants_1-420x530.jpg

Focusing in for a second, trousers are something that Syndicate always seem to get right, with a relaxed but not too baggy look consistent throughout their denim, cords and canvas pants. It’s exactly what you want and need for the everyday. Something comfortable, transient and not at all boring, which actually sums up the entire collection quite nicely.

Shop the collection at Syndct dot com.