Stussy x Soulection compilation

Genre-blurring platform/label/movement Soulection, has released a compilation with Stussy, a defining figure in streetwear. The compilation, which features 20 tracks of new material from the Soulection roster, is pretty incredible to say the least. Alongside the compilation comes a collaborative t-shirt, which saw an in-store only release somewhere in the U.S over the weekend.

If you haven't come across Soulection before, they are a group of creatives, producers and DJ's who are turning pretty much everyones heads around the world these days. The sound of Soulection is so open that it's pretty hard to define - their weekly radio show on Rinse FM is in constant search of the sound of tomorrow - an addictive, friendly and unique blend of house, soul, trap, hip-hop and RnB.

It's definitely a call for celebration when a completely organic, web-based radio show-turned-label-turned-movement has snowballed to a size where it can sit alongside and collaborate with Stussy, an institution dating back to the 80's and a key figure in surf and streetwear culture. The collab marks another huge step for Soulection this year, after they left their weekly radio slot on KBeach, a campus radio station in California to join Rinse FM only a few months back.

There's nearly two hundred 3-hour Soulection shows to listen to on Soundcloud, while each of the artists on the roster puts out a constant stream of new music, remixes and EP's. Stand out tracks from the compilation come from J.D Reid (who I first came across through his production for Piff Gang), Ab-Jo and Civey.

Find out more about Soulection here, listen to the sound of tomorrow here, or hit up the usual social media channels to keep up with their movements, as I'm sure there will be plenty more big things to come from the Soulection tribe.