Nice jackets to help you forget that it's going to be Winter forever

There comes a time in January or February where you just get dead bored of wearing Big Coats™. Those with wardrobes the size of big wardrobes probably don’t have this problem, but it’s something that happens to me every year.

In the depths of January, after months of wearing that sensible Big Coat™ you forked out for in September, you begin to get a bit sick of putting it on every day. It could be the nicest coat in the world, but things just start to get a bit Groundhog Day by January/ February time.

There’s still some way to go until you can put the Big Coat™ into hibernation and start thinking about things like shorts (remember those) and sunglasses (remember those), but as a big fan of escapism, I’ve picked a few jackets that I look forward to wearing in the Spring.

These Jackets don’t have to be down-filled. These jackets might even be a slightly more ostentatious colour because, unlike my Big Coat™, they don’t have to play nice with literally everything else in my wardrobe. These jackets are a beacon of hope, a glimmer of light in the depths of a mid-dry January world. 

Without further ado, let’s look at some jackets.

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