Getting into the swing of Spring with Peggs and Son

Peggs and Son Spring 17 overdiluted

When you see tonnes of new and exciting stuff hit the physical or digital shelves of your go-to menswear store, you know that the seasons are a changing. At first, the talk of shorts, holiday-ready materials, lighter jackets and other Spring Summer stuff catches you by surprise, but it won't be long before bank holidays and warmer days are on their way, along with the need for a lighter, brighter wardrobe to go with it.

This year, I'm making an effort to buy Summer items gradually from now, in March, while it's still cool, through to August. I find my Winter wardrobe easy to work with and build, but I still don't feel like I've cracked Summer. This is mostly because I worry there won't be enough good weather to justify certain purchases, which means that when the good weather rolls around, I'm just not ready for it. This year, I'm making an effort to get it right.

Peggs and Son Spring 17 overdiluted

When it comes to stocking up each season, Peggs and Son; a name that might be familiar to those who have spent an afternoon wandering through Brighton's Laines, is top of my list. Peggs have a nice mix of menswear gear on offer from the likes of Engineered Garments, APC, Visvim, Neighbourhood and a tonne more. Great brands plus an eclectic sneaker selection, nice space and super friendly staff... it's a must-visit if you find yourself in the area.

It's my favourite shop in Brighton, so when they asked if I'd like to style and shoot some looks using their Spring Summer collections, I jumped at the chance. I focused on lighter layers for the unpredictable Spring season using ace pieces from some of my favourite brands – it was hard knowing what to pick with so much nice stuff on offer! My tip for Spring is to always have a layer handy – you can never be too sure what the weather might end up doing. Experience tells me that there aren't many days in the UK that warrant an all out shorts and t-shirt approach, so light jackets and breathable trousers are a must, along with the odd hoody for gloomier days.

All photography in this post is by Jordan Wright. Be sure to hit him up if you have any video/ photo needs.

Look 1: Shorts and layers

The first look is for those trips to the beach (living in Brighton really comes into its own from April time onwards), complete with the Ally Capellino hold-all for all of the essentials. The Universal Works Bakers Overshirt is a real nice Summer jacket, closer to the thickness of a shirt but with the structure and detail of a nice piece of outerwear, making it a great, versatile piece for the warmer seasons. By keeping the top half layered, you can get away with shorts a little more readily, which is something I always like to do.


Outfit spec

Jacket: Universal Works Bakers Jacket
Shirt: Our Legacy Shawl Zip Shirt
T-shirt: Levi's Vintage Clothing Sportswear Tee
Shorts: Norse Projects Aros Light Shorts
Bag: Ally Capellino Cooper Holdall

Look 2: April showers

One for brisker days, I teamed an APC hoodie with an Engineered Garments Parka, the latter of which is a piece light enough for the Summer but technical enough to keep you dry and/ or not too warm. Engineered Garments really are masters of their craft - I've definitely got my eye on this piece for the seasons ahead, as you really need a jacket for all seasons here in the UK. Last but not least, the Visvim High Water Chinos finish the look off, a nicely tapered trouser that ends at just the right height. I can safely say that I've never worn a pair of trousers quite so comfy as these - I've heard a lot about Visvim and after trying these on, I began to see what all the fuss is about.


Outfit spec

Jacket: Engineered Garments Parka
Hoody: APC
T-shirt: Levi's Vintage Clothing Sportswear Tee
Trousers: Visvim High Water Chino

Look 3: My everyday vibe

This look doesn't necessarily scream Spring Summer, but the light and easy materials ensure you stay cool and comfortable enough during a warm day. Open shirts and striped tees are a bit of a go-to for me, and I feel that all of the opposing colours in the look work quite nicely together, with the vivid red of the Sunspel tee adding a nice pop of colour to break things up. I'm fortunate to work in a relaxed office where I can dress as I please and I think this look is the kind of thing I go for during the week; relaxed, comfortable with the right amount of character.

Outfit spec

Shirt: Folk Formal Shirt
T-shirt: Sunspel Crewneck
Trousers: YMC Deja Vu Trouser

It was a lot of fun to pick out of Peggs' selection and nice to style some of my favourite brands into a whole look instead of just integrating a single piece into my wardrobe. I'm paying extra attention to Summer pieces this year to expand my options, which I plan to write about and shoot over the season ahead. Thanks to the guys at Peggs and Son for letting me rifle through and wear their new stock.

What are you eyeing up this Spring Summer? What's your top tip for Summertime dressing? Let me know your thoughts and such below.

Thanks to the guys at Peggs and Son for letting me rifle through and wear their new stock.