Snöar Press x Meanwhile Press - Hard Lines

Coming together in the Northern Punk scene and turning to photography, publishing and art in a life after bands, Snoar and Meanwhile Press share a lot of common ground.

The two independent publishers work with artists they either know or share ethics and values with, with the majority of releases featuring artists from each of the small press’ Northern homelands.

Meanwhile and Snoar recently came together for Hard Lines, a joint exhibition at Dalston’s Doomed Gallery. With so much emphasis in the UK placed in and around London, it was nice to see a display of overlooked artists from overlooked places outside of London, with a cohesive narrative of working class grit and unpretentious cultural commentary tying much of the exhibition together.

Hard Lines showed artists with an ability to show beauty in the mundane, something which makes for an instantly nostalgic and relatable aesthetic. The exhibition’s focus on life outside of London drew an interesting parallel to life in the UK today - a place where so many young people have little alternative but to move to the capital because literally everything happens there, further intensifying the disparity between London and everywhere else.  

You can keep up with the latest releases from Snoar Press here and Meanwhile Press herePhoto credit for this piece goes to Matt Glassman.