Short-free summer styling

Sndct lazy pant overdiluted 1
Sndct Lazy Pant Overdiluted 2

Summer is the season of hope in the UK. There’s at least (a slim) possibility of good weather, which–as well as holidays, festivals and activities that equal time away from the office–opens up a load of options for your wardrobe.

While I love what comes with the warmer months, dressing for it isn’t my forte. I’m used to cold weather, using lots of layers and choosing materials to keep the elements out, which is why summer–for me–is always a difficult one.

As much as I would love to buy countless Cuban collars and shorts from the premium brands I choose for enduring pieces, summer purchasing is mainly about buys that will see me into autumn or at least have some longevity in other seasons. I hold back from spending lots on really summery pieces because I don’t want them to gather dust for much of the year. which is where the idea of summer trousers comes in…

Shirt: Libertine Libertine T-shirt: Uniqlo Trousers: Stan Ray Shoes: Converse

Shirt: Libertine Libertine T-shirt: Uniqlo Trousers: Stan Ray Shoes: Converse

Despite my love for raw denim, red wings and made-to-last heritage gear, it’s not much fun to wear it in the summer, meaning a good portion of my wardrobe goes into hibernation between May and August. What I noticed this summer, however, is that my wardrobe is too cold-centric, meaning a large portion of it is out of the question right now. So we’re not quite shorts weather and we’re certainly not denim weather, so what do we wear on our bottom half? In this post, Jordan and I headed out to Kemptown in Brighton, mixing up shooting locations while putting my summer trouser purchases to the test... it was a pretty hot day! 

The Sndct Lazy Pant

Sndct Lazy Pant
T-shirt: Uniqlo Trousers: C/O Sndct Shoes: Whistles Bag: Adidas

T-shirt: Uniqlo Trousers: C/O Sndct Shoes: Whistles Bag: Adidas


About as comfortable as you’ll get without opting for joggers, the Sndct Lazy Pant is a real nice and baggy affair that keeps things cool even on the warmest days. Big, fatigue style pockets and a drawstring make these perfect for those laid back afternoons. They’re like a lighter, slightly baggier version of the Norse Projects Aros Chino I wear in the winter and have saved me from wearing the same old shorts a few times already.

The Stan Ray Painter Pant

Stan Ray Overdiluted

In an Ecru colour that I’m seeing quite a bit of at the moment, the Painter Pant from Stan Ray is a great summer purchase. Coming in a drill cotton, they’re as tough as you’d expect from Stan Ray while light enough to keep you comfortable. A fairly relaxed but just right width to the trouser makes them a go-to this season. Whether that’s with Teva sandals or a high top converse is down to the weather forecast, but I see no reason why these won’t work nicely through to autumn before making a reappearance come spring.

What are you wearing this summer? How do you deal with the unpredictable weather here in the UK? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

The Sndct Lazy Pants in this post were gifted by Sndct. Thanks to the brands and partners that make creating fresh and interesting content possible.