Spring heat from Set

set store spring collection overdiluted

Never a brand to rush things, Set is expanding its range of functional, everyday streetwear to include puffer jackets and overdyed sweats, along with new tees, hoodies and more for Spring Summer ‘17.

set spring 17 overdiluted

As the brand moves forward, the pieces get more complex while keeping up the brand's mantra of clean, straight-forward design coupled with maximum wearability. Every piece will slot into any wardrobe with ease, so whether you're into heritage brands or normcore simplicity, Set’s pieces will compliment your style nicely.

Set Spring 17 overdiluted

Taking influence from sportswear, the great outdoors and minimalism, Set have created something unique through straight up design, attention to detail and strong branding. It's stuff that just works, and for me, that's what it's all about. Showcased nicely in a Spring editorial by Aria Shahrokhshahi, Set's Spring collection works amongst suburban surroundings with ease.

set spring 17 overdiluted

Pick up the Spring collection from Set Store dot co dot UK.