Laidback minimal goodness from Set for AW16

A lot of brands could learn a thing or two from Set, the U.K. streetwear brand founded in Middlesbrough some five or so years ago. "Less is More" is the brand's mantra and, in a compact Autumn Winter drop, they're nailing easy, everyday streetwear by stripping things back to their essence.

Less is More is not just a value the brand lives by, its something that comes alive in pieces, emblazoned across functional hoodies that are sure to excite the minimally minded… less certainly doesn't mean boring. When we spoke about the collection over email not too long back, Jack Richardson, the founder of the brand, said that "It's becoming the brand i always wanted it to be", and it's great to see that things are looking good for an independent, alternative brand operating from a forgotten corner of England.

Once a side hustle and now a fully-fledged full-time business, Set has never been afraid to take its time in search of putting out quality pieces. The frenetic nature of the web means that its easy for brands to feel the need to keep up with seasonal collections and lookbooks, despite not having the budget to compete with those setting the rules.
Set's patience is paying dividends now, however, as the brand has become a staple amongst those queuing up for Palace and Supreme drops.

The initial Winter release sees hoodies, tees, fleeces and even jewellery in a mix of easy (such as grey and black) and standout (such as white and orange) colours, perfect if you’re looking to make a statement or just keep things lowkey.

The stand out piece has to be the grey fleece, which looks in good company worn over a hoodie in the shot above. It’s a nice alternative to that Winter coat you’ve been wearing day in, day out, and I can imagine it looking decent teamed with a pair of everyday Petit Standards or ED-55s and finished off with a pair of Ultra Boosts or ASICS Gel Lytes. Overall, the collection is consistently easy, transient stuff that just doesn’t go out of style, and that’s exactly why we like it.

The first drop of the Set AW16 collection is up on Set Store dot com now.

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