The selvedge backpack - Eastpak's ode to Japanese denim

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Celebrating Japan's love for denim, Eastpak's latest collaboration fuses the iconic Pak'r Backpack with selvedge and Boro denim.

Amongst getting rained on, placed on the floor, braving the elements and generally getting cared for less brilliantly than other items in your wardrobe; bags, which often come in canvas and tough cotton, do wear out with time. I guess it's kinda the nature of the beast when necessity must come first and the look second.

The idea of the Kuroki (pictured above), which uses premium selvedge, not only brings plenty of aesthetic value–it also provides longevity as the denim ages. Once canvas gets marked or damaged from the throes of everyday wear and tear, it can begin to lose its shine, something that the premium denim of the Eastpak selvedge Pak'r doesn't have to worry about.

Instead, like a pair of raw denim jeans, wear adds character, and age adds a narrative to your bag, which is pretty cool. As with selvedge and raw denim in general, the price may initially come in at higher than you might expect to pay for a backpack, but in two, three years, when your bag still looks on point, the initial outlay of £115 doesn’t seem so bad.

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Coming alongside the Kuroki is a bag made of super-exclusive Boro denim (pictured above), some of which dates back to the 19th century, which is pretty crazy. The ancient Japanese art of mending fabrics is blended with the ever-cool style of the Eastpak Pak’r, resulting in an interesting, and also super-limited, backpack. With just 5 made, this is a true collector's item with collector’s item pricing, this one will set you back a cool £800. One for the true denim heads. 

The Kuroki collection was made available as a Limited Edition pre-release of 24 (12 of each colour) stocked alongside the Boro bag in mid-September 2016 at Selfridges, priced at £800. A general drop will follow on mid October at key stockists; MR Porter and Size! Priced at £115.