Sebago Crest Docksides 70th Anniversary

An icon of classic American style, the deck shoe has long been both a wardrobe staple and quintessential reference point of heritage, leisure and sportswear. It’s only right, after perfecting such styles for 70 years, that New England’s Sebago celebrate with an all-new pair of Crest Docksides®.

A lesson in classic footwear that can still be easily worked for modern everyday wear, Sebago’s celebratory Docksides®, or deck shoes in general, are a Summertime wardrobe staple.

To mark the brand's platinum anniversary, Sebago has ensured this shoe is an extra special affair, with a sheepskin lining, memory foam and a durable rubber outsole to keep you comfortable and ready for whatever all-day Summer wear may bring.

Worn with a classic pair of tailored shorts, a tucked tee and even a jumper over the shoulders for added Ivy League steeze, Crest Docksides® are a preppy Summer favourite to consider as buying begins for the warmer months.

Pick them up from the Sebago website today.