Save Delicious Clam

Delicious Clam, an independent record label, recording studio and practice space is facing eviction and potential closure in the face of redevelopment in its hometown of Sheffield, England.

After recording bands, shooting videos and releasing music for no profit for over two years, the very city it exists to serve could potentially shun it out of action. Having raised over £1000 for charity, crystallised a community of bands and provided a means of young artists to spread their art, the honest and grassroots approach of the Clam makes this eviction all the harder to swallow.

The number of independent and community serving ventures across the UK that are closing because of redevelopment is pretty worrying, with music scenes in cities such as Liverpool, Glasgow and Leeds losing important venues over the last few years, being quickly forgotten about by councils and big money developers as luxury flats for the rich pop up and alter culture-rich cities forever.

The home of Delicious Clam on Arundel Street, Sheffield. Don't be put off by the mysterious artwork.

The home of Delicious Clam on Arundel Street, Sheffield. Don't be put off by the mysterious artwork.

What the Clam Crew have done in 2 short years with no budget is a beacon of excellence that should be protected, revered and learnt from, not undermined and abused. Even if you don't care about the redevelopment issue, some ace bands you probably love - such as Nai Harvest, Best Friends, Thumbuster and Thee Mightees - are proud to be a part of the collective, and it's safe to say they wouldn't have been able to do everything they have without the help of Delicious Clam.

It's payday soon and donations can be made to help keep the Clam alive here. If you aren't up for giving a few quid then the least you could do is share this post with your pals in a bid to continue this narrative among like-minded people who are keen on a nice big “fuck off” to unneccessary redevelopment.

For a spot of further reading, and to get a better understanding of the DIY, community first approach of Delicious Clam, check out our interview with co-founder Ed Crisp from last year here.