R.M. Williams at Liberty

A mainstay of Australian style and culture, RM Williams have been crafting boots for over 80 years capable of withstanding the barren (and quite ridiculous) landscape of the Aussie Outback. I guess the usual routine of work, gym/pub, home pales in significance when we consider just exactly what our footwear choices might be built to withstand, with the beautiful work of the ‘Williams brand fitting the requirements and then some for life in metropolitan Britain.

Handmade from a single piece of leather with a finish that oozes a luxurious appeal, RM Williams boots can be spotted by their stand-out pull tags and with Goodyear-welted construction, they will even help you take on the Outback if you’re feeling adventurous.

RM Williams’ masculine yet elegant soles have planted themselves firmly into British soil after some serious investment from parent company L Capital Asia, the private equity firm sponsored LVMH, meaning this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from these guys.

The brand begins its tenure on British soil with an installation in Liberty, the leading London department store, situated at the heart of its already impressive footwear department... Now that’s an entrance. Get acquainted with a few of our fave RM Williams styles above and keep up with Overdiluted via our newly-launched Facebook page - we'll be bringing you more on this exciting, heritage-rich master maker soon.