Rapper Trumps lets you hold the ultimate 90's rap battle

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Rapper Trumps will leave you grinning with nostalgia. Top Trumps–the classic card game which Rapper Trumps is based on–reminds us of car journeys and holidays as a kid. It was a fun game to kill time with when you were seven or eight, and it turns out it's even more fun 18 or so years later.

Flicking through cards of brilliantly illustrated 90’s rappers takes you back to the good old days. The first time you heard 36 Chambers, Radio or The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill... Learning the lyrics to the Marshall Mathers LP... or trying (and failing) to find the clothes in GAP that would make you look the most like DMX. It’s easy to take for granted how much hip-hop has changed, and how much you’ve grown with it along the way, but it's nice to take right back… way back, when you had the red and black lumberjack... (sorry).

The cards themselves are made up with a ranking system similar to the original Top Trumps, although with subtle hints of humour here and there, making for a relevant, funny and poignant game. With each rapper ranked on key metrics such as criminality, lyrical ability, bling and impact, all essential bases are covered. You’ll laugh at Vanilla Ice’s lyrical ability ranking, know you’re untouchable every time you’re dealt Nas and get a little too hyped every time you win your favourites (Big L, right?).

A well-executed card game that's as much a bit of fun with your mates as it is a nice thing to keep on your coffee table, Rapper Trumps will transport you back to the golden era of hip-hop.

You'll be reminiscing about your favourite verses and arguing over the best solo Wu-Tang album in no time. It's the perfect Christmas gift for the hip-hop head in your family, and coming in at just £9.99, it doesn't break the bank either. 

Pick them up from Rapper Trumps dot com right now.