The sound of productivity with Panasonic

Productivity is something that’s not easy to define, and something that–in many ways–we’re always in search of. There are many posts out there on what to do to reach optimum productivity, and this isn’t going to be another (here is one that we like, if that's what you're after). Instead, we’re offering you a playlist of soothing sounds that will ebb and flow in the background to keep you focused while you’re hard at work. After all, there’s nothing worse than downing tools just to look for something new to play on Spotify.

What better way to get your head down than with Panasonic Multi Room Speakers, keeping you on task by filling your pad with the freshest sounds. Don’t worry about headphones or not being able to hear your playlist from another room, you can set it and forget it to ensure you’re grooving through your to-do list.

Whether it’s to do a little better at work or to get housework out of the way so you can really enjoy your hard-earned time off, getting things done quickly and efficiently has plenty of positives. Sometimes, however, the search for productivity means we can be a little hard on ourselves, wondering why we can’t concentrate that bit harder, or do something that bit faster. The truth is, there’s no way we can be 100% productive all the time... and that’s fine.

Whether it’s a quick Google to settle a discussion in the pub, booking a restaurant using OpenTable or organising your personal life by syncing Trello with Google Calendar (guilty!), we’re always trying to save time – it’s definitely a bit of a Millennial obsession. us Millennials are pretty bad at waiting for things, and I think that sometimes we don’t need to put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to get more done... there’s more to life than life hacks.

The Sound of Productivity is 40 minutes long, giving you a neat window to get your head down and begin crossing off those niggling jobs on your to-do list. Five soothing minutes to help you settle in, 30 minutes of innovative, soulful future beats and a final five minutes of more vibrant sounds to wrap things up with. We think the playlist is interesting, eclectic and pretty damn cool, and we hope that you do too.

What are your tips for getting productive? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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