Interview: Get to know LA's Private Party

Private Party LA

Private Party must be the best name for an LA-based hip-hop group. It encapsulates all of the mystique and glitz the West Coast city is known for, while the Arizona-born pair make music which brings the grit of chasing dreams and the hangovers that come living them together perfectly.

With a sound that’s current, soulful and all-encompassing, Private Party’s lyrics are just as much about the struggle and working shitty jobs as they are about partying like you’ve made it. It’s refreshing for rappers to be frank in this way - it gets kinda boring to hear about being a millionaire, anyway.

Private Party has a definite sound despite working with a range of producers, showing a true understanding of their vision which they can successfully transmit to every producer they work with. This not only ensures a mutually beneficial production partnership but helps Private Party birth a consistent sound that’s also constantly evolving, getting the fresh input of rising producers with each new track.

After finding Private Party on Soundcloud, we just had to get in touch with them to learn their story. Hit play and the short playlist above and read on to learn about how lifelong friends moved states and became Private Party, what a day in their shoes is like, and what a night of partying with them is like.

OD: Who are Private Party?

Private Party consists of both Andre Mims along with myself, Devin Spahr. We both serve at a restaurant part time as a means of income while we work on music. We both moved to Los Angeles from Arizona for the sole purpose to pursue our number one passion, music.

I make the artwork for every track and/or project that we release. I also work on the marketing aspects along with finding and contacting featured artists along with producers as well. Andre is in charge of the technological aspects of things. He records our takes and is responsible for all of the mixing and mastering on anything we release.

OD: How do you guys know each other?

We met each other years ago in the 3rd grade. We had a class together and became life long friends from there on. As little kids, we always had a strong passion for music and it heavily influenced both of our lives. One day we both sat together and discussed what we wanted to pursue in our lives. We both had the same answer, which was music. So we gathered up information and discussed how we could possibly start getting serious about making music. After numerous conversations, we discovered that we had all of the knowledge and tools necessary to pursue our passion. I ran the name "Private Party" by Andre and we both fell in love with it and we began our journey from there.

Private Party LA

OD: And tell us a little bit about that journey.

Private Party is just two best friends with a passion for making great music that can really relate to people. We have always been known as the kids who are always having fun and down to do almost anything. We were both known in our schools as being complete clowns and people always enjoyed being around us. We tend to make people laugh a lot, even in serious situations. We both have a bright outlook on life, so you'll rarely catch us in a bad mood. We also definitely tend to drink our fare share of alcohol, and we definitely will never turn down some weed.

OD: How would describe the ultimate private party?

The ultimate private party would definitely have to be one with all of our closest homies. One in the hills inside a very nice suburban house. The house would have an amazing view of the city along with an amazing backyard and an infinity pool. It would have a lot of alcohol along with some good tree of course. It also wouldn't hurt to have a lot of outrageously attractive females to party down with us.

OD: What is life in LA like?

LA is a very beautiful and motivating place to be. The views and weather are absolutely amazing. Everyone here, for the most part, are very motivated in chasing their passion. Being around people that are in the same mindset as you really helps to drive you into pursuing your passion. It is a place where you can express your true self without feeling hesitant about it. There is always something to do and people to meet along the way. It is truly a city of dreams and we never want to leave.

OD: What music were you bumping when you were young, how has that changed?

I used to listen to a lot of NWA, G-Unit, Coldplay, Donnis, 2pac, Biggie and I can't even remember all of the others. I also liked Deep House and EDM for a bit. Everything started to evolve as I got older. I noticed I really enjoy certain sounds and rhythms. I began to hate EDM and Deep House because I thought it had become way too overplayed and generic. I still have a very vast array of music selection, but it has narrowed down a bit from what it used to be.

Andre was bumping Biggie, Snoop, NWA, Outkast, 50 Cent, Em, and HOV along with many others. He feels like music evolves overtime, but at the end of the day, legends will be legends.

Right now, I am really into Amir Obe, Derek Pope, Alex Jordahl, OnCue, Night Lovell, Jordan Hollywood, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Nav, Caskey, Derek Wise, Vee Tha Rula, Bryson Tiller, Dawn Golden, Shawn Harris, Sean Leon, G-Eazy, ScHoolboy Q and a lot more.

Andre is into J Cole, A$AP Rocky, Tory Lanez, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Meek, Drake, Alex Wiley, Vic Mensa and Vince Staples.

OD: If Private Party could've written and released one song from the past, what would it be?

One would definitely have to be Sam Smith & Disclosure, "Latch". We both think that this is the greatest song created of all time.

OD: Describe a day (and night) with Private Party in LA.

During the day, we like to go outside and hit up different places around the city. We stop by some places with dope scenery as well as some good drinking spots. We like to get high and hike to locations that overlook the city and ocean. We go to the beach to cool down and wander around the boardwalk. During the night, we would gather up a bunch of the homies and start to pregame for nightly activities. After we are done pregaming we always hit the city and go to numerous bars, clubs and other cool spots where we could interact and meet new people.

OD: Let’s talk about fashion. Is it something you guys are interested in?

We’re both very interested and enthused with fashion. We love staying on top of what's new and are always buying new clothes. We always like wearing things that we don't see other people wear around. Staying in touch with fashion is definitely something we keep up with.  

I like ripped jeans, longer length tees, vans, strap-back hats, I also really love jogger pants.

Andre prefers to be comfy and likes Joggers, Vans, sweat shirts, plain tees, can't forget the tube socks.  

OD: Thanks so much for answering our questions. Is there anything you'd like to add?

We would definitely like to thank you for the interview and appreciate you contacting us. We would like to definitely shout out Nyquill, which produced our entire next project that is dropping soon, titled "Remember These Times." He has helped guide us a lot with our music and we have an insane amount of music coming out in the near future with him.

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