Piff Gang - PIZZY


Mixtape number five for London-based PIFF GANG is online as of today, and I can assure you now it's a banger. PIZZY feels that little bit more slick, confident & on point than previous releases, but thats not to say tracks like THAT'S THAT CHRONIC, CANDY CUP & GREY GOOSE SHIT would be out of place here. Having got the attention of the ASAP MOB & THE UNDERACHIEVERS, during their stints in the UK this year, it feels like the world is starting to take note of all things PG.

In 2013, fans of hip-hop have it made - mixtapes are a free, whilst they carry the production value of an LP, often with more tracks than you can even fit on a CD. It's not like listening to punk or something, where a demo sounds like a demo, then a 7" sounds just a rough but you can make out a few words. Whilst some rappers across the pond release label funded mixtapes, It's nice to feel that PIFF GANG is putting in the time & money to get somewhere, and not just one day appearing on your radar rapping about gold & Fendi. We all dig that aspirational swagged out shit, but you get more than that from a PIFF GANG mix tape; it's more, you should be listening to me because I'm grafting for it, and I'll jab you in the head if I have to than I'm wearing Jordan's, leather trousers, and six women on each arm, bitch.

Anyway, download the tape here. Stand out tracks are COIN, MIDDLE FINGER & SMOKIN'. Peep the video below, and catch these around in 2014.