Outfits: Late Winter layers


When it comes to writing about clothes, I will always, without fail, mention the weather and the changing seasons. Style is rather expressive, and there aren’t really any rules, but the one thing that does have a say in what we wear on any particular day is the weather. Being too warm, getting wet or being too cold is never any fun, so we dress accordingly to ensure we're comfortable. 

Whatever is going on outside, you can always look good, although styling out some of the harsher weather takes a bit of wardrobe planning, seasonal essentials and practice. By considering how many layers we need to stay warm, what thickness each piece needs to be and what materials will keep us cool and dry, we begin to marry up style and comfort, which for me is the sweet spot to aim for as we transition from Winter to Spring.

I’m all for a nice coat, but it’s easy for a coat to define your look, and as the Winter begins to subside, I’m looking forward to mixing up some layers that have been stowed away since Autumn. With this in mind, I headed into the studio with Jordan, a friend of Overdiluted who has been working with me behind the lens since the end of last year. We shot a selection of lighter, layered looks that are perfect for the seasonal transition, providing you with some layering inspiration as the weather warms up slightly.

All photography in this post is by Jordan Wright.

Raincoat + hoodie

I like the mix of practical, formal and casual with this one. The trousers bring a vibe that's really different to the hoodie, which is cool because it can be tough to make a hoody look anything but super casual.

Jacket: Rains | Hoodie: Call Me 917 | Trousers: Cos 

Overshirt + turtleneck

Something a little smarter for weekend evenings, making a more casual overshirt a touch more formal with the turtleneck underneath. 

Jumper: Topman | Overshirt: Asos | Trousers: Cos

Fleece + Hoodie

Layering the easy appeal of Set's multi-seasonal fleece with a hoodie gives an easy and casual look that's also super warm, which is perfect for this time of year.

Hoodie: Call Me 917 | Fleece: C/O Set 

Shirt + coach jacket

Hardly a groundbreaking idea, but one that I've included because of how the two collars can mess around a little with the idea of smart and not-so-smart, which is always something that's nice to do.

Shirt: Uniqlo | Jacket: Asos 

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