Outfits: Grey on grey

Jacket: AMI | T-shirt: Armor Lux | Belt: Barbour | Trousers: Carharrt | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: Whistles
Photography: Jordan Wright

I’d like to say that a lot of planning goes into putting together outfits I’m really happy with, but I think a lot of it just comes down to what feels about right at any one time.

That’s what I love about style: it’s personal, and there aren’t really any rules. I’ve always known what I like to wear, but it’s only recently I feel I understand and can explain what my style is. I like to toe the line between smart and casual, experiment with textures and bring small touches of heritage and sartorial dress into what’s an ultimately quite minimal vibe. There are bits of everything I like in there, but hopefully, my early love of Danish menswear brands stops me from doing too much at once.


I tried on this grey AMI jacket before Christmas while wearing some grey Carhartt Johnson Pants and I was asked by a sales assistant if the jacket and trousers were by the same brand. I hadn’t even thought about wearing the two together, but it just kind of worked.

I guess this shows that there definitely is an element of luck with outfits. Sometimes, you stumbling across things while trying on certain items and it doesn’t have to be a totally thought through process.

Key Wrap: Campbell Cole

The matching colours and textures of the upper and lower part of this outfit make it feel like a suit, but the whole thing is relaxed enough to be worn on any given day. The fact this look is essentially a jacket and trousers does bring some formality to things, but a simple tee and converse ensure that it’s nice and laidback. The thickness of the Armor Lux tee, which is closer to a jumper than the t-shirt, and the wool elsewhere means it’s a pretty good look for nice bright Winter days, like the one we happened to be out shooting on.

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