Origins: Thom Barnett of Mamnick

Thom Barnett of Mamnick by India Hobson

Thom Barnett of Mamnick by India Hobson

Continuing to capture the starting stories of our favourite brands, this month's Origins feature comes from Thom Barnett of Mamnick.

Born somewhere in the depths of the Peak District surrounding Sheffield, Mamnick create brilliant menswear like no other, consistently disregarding the seasonal approach in favour of pushing out a very steady stream of gear all year round. Smart design, an interesting use of fabrics and an outdoors and cycling influence has always made the brand stand out to me, with a particular look and aesthetic spilling across everything they put out that's interestingly hard to sum up.

Utilising (and, in turn, celebrating) Sheffield's craft men and women is close to Barnett's heart while a store in Japan brings in some Eastern fabrics and production, making this an interesting operation. Whether it's selvedge denim jeans, a down gilet, a steel bracelet or a wool cardigan, it's always interesting to see what the minds behind Mamnick do to everyday pieces to make them a little bit more special and different from the norm.  

without further ado, here's Thom Barnett answering the five Origins questions...

Thom by India Hobson

Thom by India Hobson

Can you tell me who you are and a little bit about Mamnick?

My name is Thomas Barnett, I’m a designer and  the brand founder of Mamnick, a brand I started in 2012 with the idea of doing “one thing at a time, as beautiful as possible”. Over the last five years I have developed a number of products in the UK and Japan including menswear, womenswear, shoes, coats and accessories that are made using Sheffield’s finest export: Stainless steel. The brand is inspired by the bike, the roads and scenery of the Peak District but it is not nessasarily a cycling brand.

 Going right back to the start, how did you land on the idea of doing Mamnick?

I was spending a lot time on the bike after feel disillusioned with the music and art scene I was involved with previously. I decided to roll the dice and start my own brand dedicated to making fine products. I was ultimately looking to make a job for myself too.

Thom by India Hobson

Thom by India Hobson

What made you move beyond a good idea and turn it into a fully fledged 'thing'?

I don’t like doing things half-arsed, I’ve been lucky enough that the brand has grown and I’ve been able to keep it afloat by challenging myself and communicating my ideas reasonably well. I’m grateful that people are interested and that they support my endeavour.

What was the toughest thing in the early days of getting Mamnick off the ground?

Finding the right people to do the job is always hard, especially if you are doing small numbers. Manufacturing is the UK is difficult nowadays, a lot of the old industry isn’t there and finding skilled workers is hard.

Finally, what's the best thing about doing the brand?

Being your own boss, challenging yourself and having the freedom to express yourself and explore your ideas. Not something I ever take for granted.

Thanks to Thom for taking part. If you liked hearing about the early days of one of the UK's finest, why not check out Felicity of Campbell Cole answering the same five Origins questions.