Oliver Sweeney x Billiam Black Selvedge

We all like our clothes a little exclusive, although it’s not often things come as exclusive as the latest collaboration between classic British brand Oliver Sweeney and the US of A’s Billiam Jeans, with a grand total of 50 pairs up for grabs.

Black denim with a unique white selvedge seam, the oh-so limited jean comes in a classic straight and tailored style. Considering Sweeney’s ability to stay true to classic means of production, it’s no surprise each pair is made using a super-rare 1940’s hemming machine, with the denim itself coming from the infamous Cone Mills’ research and development team.

Denim might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of British Footwear mainstays Oliver Sweeney, although the brands careful consideration and love for detail make for outstanding execution of whatever product they turn their hand to.

Two classic brands with extremely strong roots and a very important story behind them, Billiam and Oliver Sweeney come together to continue their shared classic contemporary narrative, making for a very natural collaboration.