Note Apparel - Military Issue Shop Coat


Image: Note Apparel Editorial

Continuing to move forward as a young, British brand, Note Apparel's 'A United Kindom' collection builds on the mix of good design and current-yet-not overdone styles that caught my eye earlier in the year.

It's nice to see a relatively small brand with the balls to move away from straight-up screen printing and into the world of cut and sew so quickly, as is the case with the Military Issue Shop Coat pictured above.

With Barathea Wool from here in England and a snug winter fit, this coat comes in limited numbers with a nice, structured collar and chore-style front pockets. It's military roots make me look in the direction of Nigel Cabourn while the versatility, fit and use of fabric reminds me a little of Universal Works. It's also worth mentioning that this jacket is an A/W makeover of Note's (very nice) work jacket that was made with the warmer months in mind, showing some great continuity and progression.

Take a look at the rest of Note's stuff here and if you like what you see above, be sure to grab the Coat before it's too late.