Norse Projects

With an upcoming house move & a pocket full of coppers at the best of times, I never get the chance to buy the clothes I'm interested in. Each pay day rolls around and it's a toss-up between making one or two nice purchases or a social life for the next four weeks. I've started pawning everything I don't need/want/wear on eBay, and buying new stuff with the money I make.

This morning I picked up a Norse Projects 5-panel for a reasonable price from Sakis in Sheffield. As a part of their Spring/Summer range, the hat shows variety of leaves off over a navy fabric. Norse Projects are known for their staple, bold pieces that look the part without much ado, and this is definitely complimentary of that.

In the right hand side of the picture above lies a carabiner. I've been looking at a Uniform Experiments carabiner online retailing at between forty and fifty quid. To put this into context, I can get transport to and from work for a whole month for the same price as a clip for my keys. Again, I took to eBay. I found a camping/climbing supplies eBay shop which sent me one out for less than £2.50 all in. I'm definitely not a cheap skate but for how visible it is, and for the sake of not walking to and from the daily grind for the next four weeks, it made sense.