Noisey - Bompton

A city that will forever be culturally relevant in the world of Hip-Hop, Compton has been back in the limelight in recent years with the rise and rise of Kendrick Lamar and the 2015 release of Straight Outta Compton - the biopic of N.W.A - a hip-hop group who first brought us the realities of life in South LA back in the late 80’s.

Noisey have been putting out interesting, poignant and vivid music documentaries for a few years now, with past subjects including Chicago, A$AP Rocky and Atlanta, and Bompton is no different. Showing the harsh realities of life in a poor and underprivileged city where gang drafting happens as young as age ten and shootings take away a worrying amount of kids before they finish high school, Noisey focus in on a different area of Bompton - from religion to up and coming rappers - in each short YouTube episode. With commentary from Kendrick Lamar and his friends still trying to make it out of the struggle throughout, this is a great look at life in Compton beyond - but not without - the music, violence and gangs it has become synonymous with.

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