A new dimension to social sharing with Tunepics

For a little while now, I've been getting a little sick of the usual social channels - I often find an hour might disappear looking through Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram at things that I'm not even remotely interested in. I've felt like things have gone slightly stale in the world of social and things need a little shake up. Enter Tunepics, an app that allows you to curate a moment, pulling together the picture you've just taken and the song that goes with it and share it with your following. It's the first time I've seen music and photography meshed together in this way, bringing a whole new dimension to social as we know it.

It's got all the usual repost, at and hashtag conventions we've come to expect from social, it's photo filters are based on weather and tones, but you also select a 35 second snippet of a track from the iTunes store to sit alongside your photo. I was slightly sceptical at first but two tunepics and one follower later, I think I'm pretty sold. I'm sure, like any network, it will improve with the number of users on there, although Paul Smith, GQ and Queen Bey are already on there, so it's not like you're short of people to follow.

In my eyes, this is much more than another social sharing app, it's more about feeling and emotion. How often do you hear people recalling a moment at a festival or talking about the time behind a particular picture. Tunepics brings this sort of stuff together and in turn it could bring people together.

Two days in and Tunepics for me is about seeing something cool and being able to bring other people into your head to share that moment with you. You can connect with the way your friend, favourite band or designer was feeling when they decided to take that picture. It reminds me of the first few hardcore punk shows I went to, and the energy that went into it that made people jump off stuff that you could never explain to someone who wasn't there at the time.

It's a completely free app, so why not download Tunepics from the Apple App Store to check it out for yourself.