Menswear gifting for top marks this Fathers Day

Father’s day is a bit of a weird one. It’s not as big a deal as a birthday, so you can’t go too over the top, but scrimp too much and you know it’ll be noticed. Equally, you want your dad to look forward to opening gifts from you, because that's kind of the best bit about giving - I guess it all boils down to the old saying… if you’re going to do it, at least do it properly.

Whether your dad is a style conscious so-and-so or couldn't care less what’s going on with his ensemble, there's a knack to buying clothes for your Father that applies the year round. Think practical application, pieces with a classic touch and great, hard wearing fabrics and you won't go far wrong.

The last thing you want to do is make your dad feel old or like you’re dressing him like you, but strike the balance between style and comfort zone and you'll be on your way to becoming your dad’s go-to style guru all year round. Whether you’re looking for Father's Day gifts or just a bit of inspiration for the next time a birthday rolls around, here are a few bits to consider for the discerning dad.

fathers day gifts whistle long sleeve polo overdiluted

Whistles Knitted Button Through Polo

A piece with classic Teddy Boy appeal that's contemporary without feeling too trend-focused, this buttoned polo is relatable while not something your dad will already have in his wardrobe. A piece you can get wear out of all year long in the UK, this Whistles polo is perfect if you and a sibling or two are splitting the gifting duties between you. Pick it up today.

Fathers Day gifts Eastpak Dokit Black Leather overdiluted

Eastpak Dokit

Practical, hardwearing and timelessly cool, a weekend bag is something that may not be in your dad’s wardrobe that would come in pretty handy. Rugged enough to survive its fair share of flights and trains while ticking the functional and style boxes equally, this is a great piece for pleasing your own menswear tendencies while delivering a present that is a little different from the norm and will come in handy for years to come. Get your dad ready for the weekend.

fathers day gifts Form and thread socks overdiluted

Form & Thread

It's a myth that socks are a bad present, well it is if you do it right, anyway. The highest of quality and in a super cool box of three, Form and Thread’s sock delivery service isn’t just very practical, it shines the light on an often overlooked aspect of an outfit. They’ve just started doing nice tees and jumpers, too, which use similarly high quality materials to their socks but without a silly price tag. Simple pieces that stand the test of time and more than a few washes, Form and Thread offer a great dad gift all year round and not just for Fathers Day. Sort your dad's essentials game with Form and Thread.




Fathers day gifts superga 2750 overdiluted

Superga 2750

Classic Italian tennis shoes that will easily work their way into any outfit or wardrobe, a pair of Supergas are perfect for Summer. The true cool of a shoe is shown by their ability to transcend ages, something Superga 2750’s can do all too easily. For upcoming holidays, short weather and into the evening with a pair of chinos, Supergas will work with any Dad’s wardrobe, all while ensuring that the new garb your sticking him is something he can relate to and appreciate. Pick a pair up from Foot Asylum.