Mas menswear Igloo tee

With their second drop of 2016, Mas Menswear are paying homage to grime at the end of a memorable year for the young genre while closing off their own 2016 in strong fashion.


The final Mas release of the year doesn’t initially scream grime, but closer inspection reveals a subtle, homage-paying nod that says quite a lot about the brand. In tune with youth culture, the world we live in and technology in equal measure, Mas linked up with Creative Coder George Rowe to run Wiley’s classic grime anthem Igloo through an audio-reactive framework.

The resultant mesh of lines and letters makes it way onto the back of the above Mas tee, flying the flag for Grime and nodding to the early days that paved the way for Skepta and co to shut things down in 2016.

For those who weren't into grime way back when (such as us) it's nice to see a brand doing a little something to educate, potentially introducing those getting into the genre via 2016’s heavy hitters.

The tee will be released on Boxing Day from Mas Menswear dot com, making a perfect little post-Christmas treat.