Mamnick x Instrmnt 01-MNK watch

Two brands that make a near perfect British collab', here we have Mamnick and Instrmnt’s collaborative take on the ever-popular Instrmnt-01 watch.

Both Mamnick and Instrmnt draw heavily from their surroundings, with Mamnick focusing on the great outdoors, cycling and specifically The Peak District while Instrmnt’s aesthetics channel the stripped-back and functional wares of industrial Britain, making for a real honest meeting of identities and minds. More specifically, Mamnick’s use of Sheffield Steel and the mid-century influence of the 01 watch show an appreciation for the timeless and rugged design of British-made products.

With 150 up for grabs, the 01-MNK features a brass second hand that takes influence from a compass while the two pointed hands reference Mamnick’s logo, which in itself references Mam Tor – a hill within the Peak District – bringing the 01-MNK back to the brand’s home of Sheffield, as many of their products do.

There's something very humble about Instrmnt and Mamnick that makes them remarkably similar. Both very, very keen on detail and striping things back on a constant quest to perfect their form, the Instrmnt 01-MNK is a celebration of the less is more ideology that both brands have championed throughout their tenure.

Buy one from the Mamnick web store or check out our interview with Instrmnt’s Pete Sunderland here.