London O’Connor - O∆

london o'connor

Ambience, aesthetics, atmosphere and mood are all the kind of words that I’m wrestling with while I try to reach an explanation of O∆, the latest album from London O’Connor. I don’t often struggle with words, because it would be a little pointless running a website if that was the case, but this truly is an album you need to hear to understand.

Channelling a whole load of Californian sunshine, O∆ is a sleepy-eyed, composed and innovative exploration of sound that kind of sums up the highs, lows and boredom of long hot summers. Not afraid to be dark, bold or ambiguous while mumbling, rapping, singing and playing instruments, London O’Connor feels constantly off on a tangent during O∆, daydreaming his way to great things.  

It’s light, fluffy and lovely on the ears, providing the fitting soundtrack to the happy, the sad and even the most mundane of days. It’s not a hip-hop record, because - dare I say it - it’s a little too exciting to be one thing. It has the conventions of many genres, hip-hop included, all turned on their head. You can pick out recognisable tropes, but it’s just… different.

london o'connor

You can imagine each track being created, an array of sounds making up loops while O’Connor writes and ad-libs his innermost thoughts, working until it eventually clicks, all comes together and just makes sense. O∆ is an amalgamation of steady synths, bass guitars and various other instruments that come together to create a surreal but grounded carnival-like world like no other.

Something about this lively, slightly sad merry-go-round of a world that London O’Connor has created shows off an innovative recording artist and producer that I imagine many, much larger, artists would love to work alongside. Releasing the album for free and stating that ‘THIS IS FOR YOU NOW. THIS ALBUM IS YOURS. FREE YOURSELF. EXPLORE. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO WHAT YOU CAN DO OR BE HERE. I AM MOVING BEYOND NOW. I WILL SEE YOU OUT THERE.’ is very much in the aesthetic of O∆, just existing, moving at a pace and in a world of its own and not needing to do, well, anything that it doesn’t want to.

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