Labrum Spring Summer '17

There’s something in the details of Labrum pieces that make the brand rather recognisable. That’s not to say there’s anything novelty or loud about them; they’re just executed with such a brilliant cut that everything just feels like the work of Labrum.

The young London brand was founded by Foday Dumbuya a few of years back, and for their Spring Summer ‘17 collection, you can expect a brilliantly British dose of seasonless utilitarian design, sharp cuts and ace fits with dashes of worldly influence thrown in throughout. It’s exactly the kind of brand I love because it just works, marrying up ease of wear with an eye for detail, resulting in something that at first glance might just be a shirt or jacket, but with little touches here and there to really set it apart.

Workwear and collared jackets feature heavily in my wardrobe and Labrum’s collection has a heavy dose of ace pieces for brilliant Summertime layering. Favourites include the denim waistcoat (bottom left), which has a kind of military silhouette to it, and the striped painter jacket (bottom right), which also comes with matching trousers for the ultimate duo.

The shirts on offer nip in nicely around at the middle and come up a little longer with a more rounded shape to your average shirt (see middle row), which is a bit of Labrum calling card and something which works nicely under Spring time jackets.

Labrum is a brand that feels humble while creating high quality, beautifully crafted pieces. The essence of traditional silhouettes are admired while tinkered with just a nice amount to produce something that's unique yet versatile enough to be styled in any which way. Championing detail and simplicity in equal measure, for me, Labrum Spring Summer ‘17 ticks all of the boxes.

Shop the collection at LabrumLondon dot com.