JVNTG - FLWLES beat tape

The beat tape has been synonymous with hip-hop for years, although it’s not something you see released often enough today. Serving as a means for producers to show styles and give insight into their vision and direction, the beat tape is a great introduction to new producers and a chance for better-known beat makers to avoid becoming known for just one sound or style.


UK producer JVNTG (that's Jay Vintage) shows off a few captivating styles on FLWLES, a 4-track beat tape which introduces a slick, multifaceted producer. From the sounds of an Eastern Cityscape to smooth Trap beats ready to turn up the club, FLWLES moves through the various realms of Jay’s musical persona, showing off influence and a super cool style to boot.

Moment feels like a modern take on a classic hip-hop beat, with the tempo lifted a little to keep things intuitive and within the realm of future beats and Story is an easy track perfect for lazy morning's. The standout, though, is a track we've been playing too much for too many weeks; Under Siege, a beat filled with uplifting levels of swagger to get you pumped for days.

FLWLES does exactly as a beat tape should for a new producer, explaining, introducing and most importantly whetting the appetite for much more. Listen to the whole thing above and be sure to follow Jay on Soundcloud to keep up with his latest moments.