Summer style made easy with JD Sports

Whether it’s festivals, holidays or you’re just glad to be free of exams, there's plenty going on right now to show that Summer 2016 is in full swing... no matter how hit and miss the weather at home might be.

Summer is a season made for new sneakers and JD, the undisputed king of trainers, have more than enough big hitters, retro classics and eye-catching exclusives arriving in stores this month to keep you fresh from beach to bar and back again.

Across fashion and footwear, you can expect an easy mix of vibrant colours and understated staples from an eclectic roster of brands under one roof. Stock up ahead of Summer plans with shorts and tees from the likes of The North Face, Adidas, Nike and Ellesse: solid, enduring brands with pieces at a pleasing price point, which is important when you’ve got a holidays worth of new gear to buy in a short space of time.


With enough exclusives to keep the sneakerhead in you hyped all year round - let alone just Summer - we’re really liking the look of the Asics Kayano Evo, all black Air Max 95 and woven takes on both the Adidas Stan Smith and Superstar. The added texture to two of Adidas Originals’ most recognisable styles makes a change from the norm while still easily slotting in alongside your existing wardrobe.

Overdiluted tip:

No Summer wardrobe is complete without a pair of Adidas pool sliders. Adilette’s have been consistent in my wardrobe for well over five years, but I don’t want to show my age too much. Cost effective, perfect for poolside lounging and -if you’re bolder than I- look outstanding with a pair of socks.

Head to your local JD store or JDsports dot com to get in on the action this Summer. While you’re at it, open up the Gram and follow Overdiluted to keep up with the latest from us.