Hurricane - Nouveau Venu mix for Overdiluted

Nouveau Venu, an exclusive mix for Overdiluted from UK Producer Hurricane, is a celebration of the journey we all take when setting out on a new venture. It’s about moving forward with your passion despite having few connections or knowledge in that area, and looking back in a short space of time to realise just how far you’ve come.

The mix from Hurricane, aka 23-year-old Lewis Holmes, features the kinds of bright, relaxed and futuristic sounds that help you feel nothing but sheer positivity. Expect a mix of future beat staples such as Ta-Ku, Jengi Beats and Jarreau Vandal, but don’t be surprised to hear a few samples from way back when in there, too.

Through doing this website, we’ve had the pleasure of talking to and about some very talented people, with Hurricane being the very first we really got behind. We’ve been championing his easy and innovative sounds ever since, watching him grow while we’ve been doing the same. It only seems right that we’re connecting to bring you the first ever Overdiluted mix.

Nouveau Venu celebrates the fact that today there are no barriers to stop us from starting out as an artist, writer or anything else. With passion on your side, nothing or nobody can really stop you, despite how overbearing the polished, narcissistic and social world we live in can be.

Shouts to Callum Smith for the super slick artwork, check out his workNod your head to the mix above and be sure to share it with a friend who might appreciate.