Hurricane - Midnight Blue/s

There's something about the ease of Hurricane's tunes that we just can't get enough of, something about the laid back, ebbing and flowing nature of his sound that stands out amongst a field of fierce future beat competition.

Midnight Blue/s is some of his strongest stuff to date, and it's great to have watched him grow, experiment and really nail down his vibe over the last couple of years. While the track feels low key and chilled, Hurricane manages to build a vibrant, layered sound that grows with the listen, which is some feat to pull off. Clocking in at just under 3 minutes, once you start really vibing, the track is done, making you quickly hit restart or dig into more of his stuff, with each track being just as consistent as the last.

While Summer has just passed us by, Midnight Blue/s comes at a time when you can still remember what it felt like to have the sun shining on your skin, and it's safe to say it'll bring memories of warmer climes back in no time. Positive, cool and innovative, this is the Hurricane we've come to know and love.

Even if you were to stick to just one platform, It's pretty difficult to keep up with all of the music released, with a lot of producers putting out tracks and releases all the time.  I imagine it's easy to begin feeling like you should put out a certain amount of music a week or month, trying to keep up with the insane pace of SoundCloud and Social Media.

This isn't something Hurricane adheres to, who is yet to put out a full release. His quality and consistency remains central to his output, putting out enough to build a fanbase and catch the attention of Soulection, who happen to be the #1 authority in all things future beats, who've been playing Hurricane a few times this year on their Apple Music show. 

We've been talking about Hurricane since one of our very first posts back in 2014, and we've been tapping him up, asking when that EP or full release is coming for a while now. It's now finished, and hopefully it's going see a release pretty soon. If Midnight Blue/s is anything to go by, Hurricane's debut release is going to be a pretty special piece of work.