Hummel Hive x Soccerbible


Classic Danish sportswear brand Hummel team up with football culturalists Soccerbible for a collaborative run of three pitch-ready shirts.

Hummel Hive is the arm of the Hummel brand dedicated to pushing boundaries by bringing creativity to sports technology, and this collaboration sees the Hive teamwork with Soccerbible, a publication known for shining a light on the lifestyle surrounding the beautiful game.

soccerbible x hummel hive overdiluted

The reason these football shirts work so well is because the brands involved aren't held back by team colours, and can unleash full creativity to create something homage-paying, clever and cool enough to style off the pitch. All three shirts stand outside the confines of your average kit, reminiscent of the third kit a club will carry to be used in the event of a kit clash.

By definition, the third kit must stand out; it exists to stop opposing players and matching officials confusing each other, and it's fair to say that the wavey colours and distinct patterns of the Hummel Hive x Soccerbible collab would avoid any mix-ups.


Each design has an interesting feature that makes for a classic kit. One has a nice gradient reminiscent of a Germany strip; one uses well-executed colour juxtaposition that you might expect to find a keeper in; and the final is filled with geometric patterns a la Netherlands in 1988.


Designed by the team at ilovedust with lifestyle imagery coming from The Rig Out, this is a collaboration which brings the cultural aspect of football together with technicality and pitch-ready wear. There's a 90's reference in here, but it's much more subtle and forward thinking than you might expect from this kind of collab.

Limited to a hundred shirts in each design, the Hummel Hive x Soccerbible is available now from

Above, classic kits with design aspects that remind us of the Hummel x Soccerbible collab. left to right: Germany '90, Netherlands '88 and Mexico '90.