Relaxed tailoring with Hawes and Curtis

Hawes and Curtis are a brand that needs little introduction. With over 100 years of tailoring heritage, they know a thing or two about a suit, to say the least.

Having fixed up the likes of Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra over the years, Hawes and Curtis are a heritage-driven brand flying the flag for London and its sartorial roots. 

Bearing all of this in mind, we jumped at the opportunity to put the Overdiluted stamp on one of Hawes and Curtis' timeless pieces. It's not something we've ever done, so it's nice to bring something new to the site and focus on the practical application of clothing. It's something that hopefully we'll be doing a lot more of soon. 

From the outset, as much as we love and appreciate great tailoring, it was key for us to think out of the suit-shaped box and apply a different look and vibe to what you might expect from a look involving a Jermyn Street institution such as Hawes and Curtis.

If it had to be defined, the Overdiluted look is simple, minimal and fit for all occasions while always hoping to feel a little special. Overdiluted is equally influenced by heritage and tailoring as by current trends in street and sportswear, and we wanted to sum this up nicely in one look.

Sunglasses: Whistles Shirt: Hawes and Curtis Trousers: Cos Socks: Form and Thread Shoes: Converse  

Sunglasses: Whistles
Shirt: Hawes and Curtis
Trousers: Cos
Socks: Form and Thread
Shoes: Converse

After picking out a white Oxford shirt, a piece that no wardrobe should be without, we teamed it with a pair of Cos Track Trousers for a contemporary feel. The long profile of a Hawes and Curtis shirt - which helps you to neatly tuck it in for a more formal feel - leans nicely toward a looser look, which is complemented by the baggy-ish nature of the trousers.

A little texture and colour come into play with Suede Chuck Taylor 70's and Form and Thread Triple Twisted Yarn socks. This really relaxes things and provides the everyday vibe that will keep you comfy all day long. The classic construction of the 70's run of Chuck Taylor's is worth the extra 15 or 20 quid, much comfier than the All Stars you might be used to, which can be a little unforgiving on the feet sometimes.


The super soft quality of Hawes and Curtis shirts is something worth checking out, sure to stay in great shape after countless washes. That's really important to us as you want to know that the clothes bought with your hard earned cash will last. Premium price tags don't always mean premium quality, and while a Hawes and Curtis shirt won't set you back anything crazy (around £80), we're very pleased with the quality of the material, construction and fit.

The Oxford shirt will take you from work to the weekend and back again without ever looking or feeling out of place, so you may as well invest in a couple that you're confident will stand the test of time. Hawes and Curtis might not be your first port of call for everyday shirts but after testing out the white Oxford, we advise it the next time your in need of a few new button-ups. 

Thanks to the guys at Hawes and Curtis for giving us the first opportunity to style a piece from their Weekend Collection. Head across to Hawes and Curtis dot com to check out more.